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Is your smile “gummy”? Do you have unusually long teeth? Visit the periodontist at Dental Care Princeton to discuss reshaping your gum line and getting your ideal smile. If veneers or other restorations are needed, the periodontist can work with your general dentist right here in the office to guarantee a perfect finished product.

Gummy Smile



Some patients think that they’re teeth are too short, making their smile appear “gummy.” Other patients have uneven gum lines which make some teeth appear shorter or longer than others. Each of these cases can be fixed with a simple procedure. We do crown lengthening procedures to remove excess tissue from your gums, thus exposing more of the tooth’s “crown.” Your gum line is also sculpted in the process. The entire procedure can also prime your teeth for future restorations, such as crowns or veneers, if they are needed.

Long teeth or exposed roots

When gum lines recede, they can expose tooth roots, giving teeth an unusually elongated appearance, and making you look unnecessarily older. Having these exposed roots leaves you at risk for cavities developing on the root. Root coverage procedures such as soft tissue grafts can eliminate the long roots and reduce gum recessions, protecting your teeth from painful root decay and cavities.