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All on 4/Teeth In a Day

Often times, over the course of a patient’s life, it is necessary to discuss options for replacing either all of the top or all of the bottom teeth, due to decay, gum disease, or having them missing for many years. While there are many options, including traditional dentures and implants, a lot of these options have their drawbacks, including leaving the patient with a denture during some portion of treatment (if not the final outcome), they can take an extremely long time to complete, and they can be difficult for the patient to function with comfortably. The All on 4 treatment concept provides a unique solution to allow for a fully fixed set of teeth to serve as both a temporary and final restoration. By placing 4 implants in a very specific position, the entire arch of teeth is able to be stabilized and loaded on the day of implant placement, often times the very same day that the involved teeth are removed.

The benefits of All on 4 implant treatment include:

Full Arch Restoration: All of your teeth on the top or bottom are replaced, instead of just a few teeth.
Immediate Function: Because the implants are “loaded” on the day of surgery, they are available for use on same day they are placed.
No Temporary Denture: The teeth given on the day of treatment are attached to the implants, eliminating the need for anything removable during any portion of treatment.
Decreased Need for Bone Grafting: Due to the orientation and position of the implants, bone grafting is often not necessary Shorter Time from Implant Placement to Final Restoration: Because of the technique of implant placement, healing time is often faster than traditional implants.

Many of our patients have chosen this option to replace their teeth

We would be happy to discuss this unique and often times life-changing treatment option with you. Call to schedule your consultation with our office today!