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Dental Care Princeton prides itself on being the most high-tech dental practice in the Princeton, Franklin, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, Middlesex, Bound Brook, Manville, South Plainfield and Piscataway. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology means we continually grow our practice with new equipment and dentistry techniques, so our patients receive excellent care and leave feeling great.

Digital, Low-Radiation X-Rays

digital_x-rayOur eco-friendly, digital x-rays use 80% less radiation than standard film x-rays. For patients who don’t enjoy getting x-rays, the digital sensor is much smaller than that used in film x-rays and lacks sharp edges. These changes make the experience much easier and more pleasant.

Computerized Digital Charts

DigitalChartAt Dental Care Princeton in Princeton New Jersey, we’ve streamlined our charting system, using computerized digital charts. This eliminates lost charts and saves lots of trees by eliminating paper usage. With digital charts our office can connect directly to your individual insurance company, ensuring that benefit claims are registered and completed quickly and efficiently.

Imaging Software Offers a Sneak Peek at Your New Smile

Do you ever wonder what your new smile will look like after a treatment such as tooth whitening? Dental Care Princeton’s imaging software and portrait studio give patients the chance to see what their teeth and smile will look like after a treatment, including having spaces filled, teeth whitening or straightening.

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